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I had my surgery as week ago and still no BM. I talked to my surgeon He is indifferent He told me today to stop painkillers When i asked about sitz baths or a cream for the area to make me relax he was negative . I take only antibiotics.parafin oil 2 times a day And eat soups and egg whites. I feel like i should poop but i dont know how. Last night i sat on the toilet for 30 seconds but got really scared. Reading things online has me terrified about the pain to be expected. I talked to another doctor today He suggsted to wait a couple of days and maybe use an inside the anus pill that makes you go in 15 minutes?is that safe? I have no idea what to do at this point. I have reqd about teying sitz baths but my doctor was negative and i dont know how to make one and the risk or infection in the bathtub .all advice is welcome

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