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Had multiple external hemorrhoids removed 4/12/22. I had significant pain after bowel movements for 2 weeks. By the third week I actually thought I was improving on pain. By the 4th week my pain was coming more intense with stooling but would go away after I was done stooling pretty quickly. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said everything looked okay and this was to be expected. I thought the pain was supposed to improve every week. The pain is extreme to the point my anal sphincter spams close and barely any stool comes out. Anyone else have this experience? Is this just another hill I have to get over? Thanks in advance!

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Daniel S
Lidocaine provides minimal rel...
From what you are saying - smooth BMs, lidocaine you anyways apply and surgeon inspected and nothing alarming; then I guess wait and watch; keep doing all those things and sitz bath and wait and see the trend


Jerome Cody
If your surgeon is a specialis...
Yours is a great one @Jerome Cody ! ...
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Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

****THE REAL ADVICE YOU NEED TO SURVIVE POST OP**** Hi everyone I had my surgery 5 days ago to remove 1 internal hemorrhoid and 3-4 external (mostly ...


Daniel S

So update. I was giving it a few more days and my pain with stooling has significantly improved. If can pretty much have normal bowel movements with mild to moderate pain. I’ll take it. Thanks for everyone’s help!


Daniel S
So update. I was giving it a f...


Daniel S
So update. I was giving it a f...
thank you for this update!! @Daniel S most people dont bother once they are feeling better, leaving readers scared and assuming the worst. tldr; GIVE IT TIME!

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