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Can I get rid of hemorrhoid forever? They aren't severe right now so I wonder if is possible to cure and don't have problems again without any surgery or invasive painful method. I don't blood, and only have discommfort after going to the bathroom. I've been used cream for 4 days. I don't want hemorrhoids to be part of my life.

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Not by any cream or anything OTC I’m aware of, but since it sounds like yours are an still in early stages, a specialist should be able suggest NON surgical treatments that will save you so much future agony

Cici Zhao

Go see a specialist immediately. Surgery is worth it if they suggest it, but if you want to avoid, dont waste another minute


the most effective way unfortunately is still surgery, although there are more and better(less pain) tools than ever now

Lizbeth 💡

the sooner you see a specialist, the better chance you can treat them without surgery

Jerome Cody

Try laser, CRH or THD maybe

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