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Post surgery sex! Hello all- I’m a 25 y/o FTM person, i had a hemorrhoidectomy in August 2021 to remove a thrombosed internal hemorrhoid. (Which by the way took 6 wks to stop being painful and about 8 wks to fully heal) I am queer, and although I am less experienced with it I do enjoy anal sex. I have wanted to start “stretching” in order to eventually take a partner. I know, I know, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to this. But how slow does it have to be??? It’s really frustrating me that I have to massage myself for about an hour before I get my smallest plug in. The other day I threw my patience out the door and used two gloves fingers way too fast and ended up hurting myself (I use a silicone/water hybrid lube btw!) and now my scar site is enflamed and it stung for a few days after. There is so so much resistance and I’m worried about giving myself another hemmie or damaging my scar site. Should I cut my losses and just take anal off the table? Makes me sad to think about but I cannot have another surgery healing the last one was HORRIBLE. Who has experience with this? when did you start having anal sex or doing anal stimulation again? Help!

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Cici Zhao

I say minimum of a year


Trying to rush it will actually set you back…



Ye first your wound/operation/body needs to heal 100%. After that you can try it again!



@Alex what would you say 100% is? it’s been 6 months is it more like a year??

Lizbeth 💡

@Alex what would you say 100% ...
I think so. when your body will respond better you should feel it

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