shared a chat session in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with grade 1 internal hemorrhoids (2) today, I also have a small skin tag at the anal verge which was probably caused because of a fissure. I was advised to get band ligation. I want to know, how likely is it that hemorrhoids will reoccur after banding?

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Jerome Cody

If your main issue is bleeding than it might be helpful, but my understanding is that almost every other treatment option is better for actual haemorrhoid mitigation in the long term


For grade 1 there are many new treatment options that I’ve read are far more effective immediately and long term than banding


is the doctor that recommended banding a specialist? @Babar



Ive heard and read bad stories about banding, so id look for an alternative tbh.

Lizbeth 💡

Ive heard and read bad stories...
same. but there are also apparently newer types of banding like CRH o'Regan that may be better

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