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Well, hello everyone. I'm Rob and I had surgery 3 days ago to cut out 2 grade 2-3 internal hemmies. I was prescribed ibuprofen, acetaminophen and percocet for heavy hitting pain. I haven't had a BM yet and I'm pretty scared about it, honestly. My pain level was a 5/10 immediately post op in the recovery room and has dropped to a 1/10 outside of the discomfort of passing gas. I have been eating a soup diet since the surgery (broth and cream based) with the occasional yogurt or apple sauce with juice for breakfast. I'm eating very little. I've been taking a stool softener but didn't take miralax until this morning (1/2 a dose). I have taken the percocet twice now when I thought I was going to have the first BM. Is the shoe going to drop on me?

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Cici Zhao

I'm on day 15. Yesterday I had...
Sitz baths and lidocaine based cream/spray can help with the itch! Youre almost there 👍👍


Apparently not.
Curious if they would’ve done anything differently, but perhaps you don’t want to know 😅



Yeah, I'm not sure on that. We'll, it's the VA and you get what you get since it's free, lol.

Jerome Cody

Yeah, I'm not sure on that. We...
Oh well that’s overall great then I guess 😅


Brandon Wade

Any update?

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