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Has anyone had success with fasting to reverse/cure hemorrhoids? I came across a post here about someone who did a 7 day water fast which apparently resolved the problem Has anyone else had success with fasting? It seems obvious to me that not pooing for a week would cause less irritation to the anus and i'm aware the body goes into healing mode and detoxifies during a fast...

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Intermittent fasting on the co...
what kind of intermittent fasting? how long did you do this for to see benefits? was it a water fast? i'm still a bit skeptical of the efficacy and my own ability to fast for 7 days

Cici Zhao

I have hemorrhoids and will be trying a 7 day fast in the near future (not sure when exactly). It makes sense to me that not pooing for a while would cause less irritation. I know a lot of people say fasting can resolve IBS and heal your gut so i'm hopeful this will help

Sam Mendoza

Imo Fasting can lead to constipation and constipation is probably the last you need while battling hemmis.


Sam Mendoza
Imo Fasting can lead to consti...
Now that I think about it more post surgery I basically starved myself for days because I was so afraid of going that I became extremely constipated. Not sure if it was just from surgery but before surgery I was going just fine.


Now that I think about it more...
I think that’s common following such trauma. If you take narcotic pain meds even more so

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