Jerome Cody

shared a link post in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Besides the obvious (Fiber), Flavonoids, Sophora flower, Tannins and Triphala. Has anyone tried them? 🍃

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Supplements for piles: What works and more

Supplements, dietary changes, and some home remedies may help ease hemorrhoid symptoms and make it easier to pass waste from the body.

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Flavonoids >>>> corticosteroids At least for me 👍

Sam Mendoza

Worked great for me


im trying an oil by the goodbye company, called goodbye hemorrhoids. hope thats what happens

Cici Zhao

I didnt recognize the name ”Tannins”, but now that i know what that is, bet many of us have - witch hazel and/or Aloe Vera anyone? Dont think so for Sophora or Triphala


Witch hazel always. Heard frozen aloe is good but haven’t tried

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