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shared a chat session in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Hey folks - after reading several threads all around the web about the horrific post-op pain, I wanted to share my story - esp after connecting with someone who was in a similar place as me but was unsure whether to proceed. I (female in 30s) had a hemorrhoidectomy a couple days ago, it was for a single chronically thrombosed hem that had been ruining my life for 6+ months. No topical treatments or high fiber diet seemed to make this thing go away on its own. I was referred to a surgical specialist, and on the same day of my consult — I had the operation. Took about 15-20 minutes with several numbing shots (very uncomfortable) and 2 stitches. I had zero idea what to expect post-op (didn’t know this subreddit existed! Nor did I google anything). The surgeon was great but basically said to use wipes when going bathroom and stitches should fall out in a week. That’s it!!! ZERO painkillers were subscribed. First 6-8 hours after when I got home were extremely painful ( I also had to drive myself home because I had not initial intention of getting this done or knowing it was possible!) I laid on my side or stomach for the rest of the day and drank tons of water and limited food. Next morning, I had my first BM — which I was terrified of after reading on here. I was shocked to read about folks experiences, and probably wouldn't have done the procedure had I read them. But no issues! Sort of uncomfortable wiping near the stitches but fine other than that! There was some blood spotting from the stitches on my gauze which was in my underwear as expected. I continued to lay down most of the day to not disturb the stitches. I spent day 2 mostly resting, eating bland food. Had two more BM with no issues during the rest of the day. Started to increase more activity, walking the dog, etc. Sleeping at night was mostly comfortable. On day 3, with no bleeding or pain during BM. I'm starting to ramp up my normal diet with no issues thus far. NOTE: Surgeon did not recommend long baths as a means to dissolve stitches. But in fact, better to shower or short sitz baths and let them naturally dissolve (instead of prematurely dissolving before the wound healed). Let me know if you have any questions! I rarely see any positive posts about hemorrhoidectomy, so I wanted to share my experience!

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Lizbeth 💡

I suspect the bad extremes become more likely when people avoid the doctor (maybe due to reading horror stories ) until their cases are unbearable



I think taking care of hems when they are stage 1 or 2 is better than when at stage 3 or 4. At those stages and if hems are more; any intervention is usually complicated and takes more healing time. Purely my view.


I think taking care of hems wh...
I think it’s a logical view. I agree and dealing with it sooner also means less suffering


I think it’s a logical view. I...
same, and i vaguely recall / bet doctor agree. any examples to the contrary for any health issue?

Sam Mendoza

I agree too because life in your years is priceless, but just for the sake of argument someone may reasonably delay if they know a new far superior option will become available soon.

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