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I just had THD 10 days ago for my grade 4 hemorrhoids, which comes out when I poop or when i walk or stand for too long. I told my doctor from in my post-op checkup 10 days after the procedure, that they still come out after I poop and have to manually push them back in. He told me because there is still swelling and to give it at least 3 months for them to shrink. Is this normal?

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Jerome Cody

Infrared coagulation is when t...
I’m still hopeful you’ll have a positive outcome THD. Maybe it just needs more time? I didn’t have laser or THD, I was just sharing data from group members that was sent to me privately. I had a traditional (?) hemorrhoidectomy for grade 4, and I was all better after 3 or so months…..


Jerome Cody
I’m still hopeful you’ll have ...
Oh wow I was totally under the perception that you had THD surgery from the post that you created. Well I’m glad your better now. Hopefully the pain will go away with my bowel movements soon. It’s weird it comes and goes sometimes but hopefully within time it will totally go away completely.


Infrared coagulation is when t...
There are actually two types of hemroids treatments involving a laser: laser coagulation therapy and laser excision. In laser coagulation therapy, the laser is actually used to create scar tissue which cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoidal tissue, causing it to eventually shrink up and die. The scar tissue also acts to prevent future hemorrhoids from occurring by strengthening the anal walls, thus preventing the veins there from bulging and developing into hemroids. In laser excision, the laser beam is actually used to vaporize the hemroids altogether. The hemorrhoidal tissue is completely removed, right away. Furthermore, the risk of reoccurrence of your hemorrhoids is small, and that can in turn mean that the treatment ends up costing less than other hemroids treatments that you have to repeat. #Rhoid Rage (& recovery) source: https://www.hemorrhoids.o..
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Laser Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Introduction Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids, also referred to as hemroids, will seek some sort of treatment to relieve the pain and discomfo...


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AB FFP Man on Rhoid Rage (& recovery) : Experience after hemorrhoidectomy Hi All, I underwent surgery o | Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

AB FFP Man commented on Apr 26th 22 : Could be slight discharge from healing wound not that much in quantity that it comes out and then it mixing with...

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