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Hi guys, I went to go see a doctor back in November about my "hemorrhoids" turns out it wasn't one it was a fissure and I had skin tags from previous hemorrhoids so at first I got some topical creams lidocaine mixed with something else and it worked for my fissure at first it was pretty much gone. Then the dr said it was ok for my skin tags to get removed since my fissure was gone. -I got my skin tags removed then my fissure for some reason came back 3 weeks post op and was the worst pain ever i could not shower, get out of bed because of how bad the pain was even with pills. So my dr asked to see me and said best option since is a chronic fissure would be LIS. -So I got my LIS done Thursday 3/3/22 now today is Tuesday and I got two huge hemorrhoids I believe and they hurt not as much as my fissure would hurt. I have been applying lidocaine and preparation H but sometimes they randomly burn I see my doctor Monday. Any tips or advice? How can I get them to shrink or is laser surgery better ? ( I take my fiber Supplements and drink plenty of water and avoid eating breads and stuff like that) Also because of all this I have stopped going to the gym and makes me sad I just want to be able to work out again and not be in pain.

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Hang in there @Brenda! I can relate. Is your doctor a specialist and what do they suggest? You should try to get a dr’s prescription or pharmacist for ... to start, they help a lot of people with day-to-day swelling
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Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Diosmin and Hesperidin? 💊 Does anyone have Experience with these products? I looked Diosmin up on Google and it seems to be helpful but I really wa...

Cici Zhao

What is LIS?

Lizbeth 💡

Cici Zhao
What is LIS?
Lateral Internal Sphicterotomy - it's for fissures

Lizbeth 💡

@Brenda. if laser is an option I think it's a great choice !


if you want to be back in the gym in earnest without painful limitations (figuratively and literally), laser or any operation by a specialist is the way to go

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