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I can’t have a normal BM It has been 3 weeks post surgery. After 8 days i had my furs bm And it was a lot of poop. After that i had 2 more the following days. But since then although i feel blotted and i feel the need to go to the toilet a lot And i eat normal with fiber fruits yogurt And i take laxatives.i cant poop.it has been a week. I feel really bad My surgeon doesnt care at all.he just changed my laxatives.nothing changed. I do not know what to do. I even tried fingering my self to check if there are poop there And they are there They are soft But they dont go out. I do not understand why. I do not know what else to do.this uncomfortable feeling i have all the time that i need to poop but nothing more that some fluids or a poop at the size of a bean comes out… Please help

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Cici Zhao

Hello there. Since i posted th...
Glad to hear! Was it something yiu changed or just time passing that solved the BM problem?



I tried eating more kiwi Changed laxarives Ate prunes… For 2 days nothing happened If anything i was feeling worse I always had this pressure and need to poop. Then one night i was just sitting there doing a sitz bath and it started without me controlling it Like my body pushing itself the poop out. It didn’t hurt that time.but i had to breath because it was too much weird. Then after that i started going 3 times a day And since yesterday i went one time a day.but normallish now. I just feel the need to go Sit there and i can now push it a bit and thats all


I tried eating more kiwi Chang...
so sitz for the first big one, how about following? do you still use it or you can control it now?



I had my first bm. A week before that The first really painful one.then a couple more that hurted a lot A week wend by and i was eating normalish And k couldn’t have a mv for a week Then i made this post. After that i had my first normal bm without pain but i could not control my sfincter the first time this happened. But after that it started getting better and better. I still have some minor itching from time to time But i can barely feel it. It has been 25 days post surgery.

Lizbeth 💡

I had my first bm. A week befo...

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