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I’m new here, not sure how to use the app so forgive me if this is the wrong type of post. I had a triple haemorrhoidectomy yesterday and despite taking laxatives and eating high fibre foods, I can’t seem to have a BM. I also think I’m packed with gauze which is making me feel blocked up. Feeling a bit miserable despite knowing it’s for the best...

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Never wipe! Pat if you must, but dry 🧻 is the worst. Use wipes or a bidet is best. @FarmerGiles


+1 on anything over wiping. bidet or showerhead. then sitz & 420 😉. stay off the opiod painkillers and youll be regular in no time! @FarmerGiles



Thanks @Bobby and @Manuel ! I am 4 days post surgery now and BMs are pretty excruciating. I tried to not take any opioids but it really was the only thing that took the edge off post plop. I’ve taken it very easy on them though, only when necessary. For a couple of days I was laying of the green because I was worried of coughing, but my mum dropped round some strong canna banana bread which is doing a trick! I can’t wait to have a normal life again


Yay for Mom’s knowing best to the rescue 🥰 it will keep getting better from here, congrats! Switching to regular painkillers ASAP makes sense


the best thing about smoking / vaping for pain and anxiety relief is it helps you subconciously control and measure you breath #Breathwork #MEDITATION (mindfulness) @FarmerGiles

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