Jerome Cody

shared a chat session in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

From @Kevin -
“First off I’m VERY thankful to find this group and greatly appreciate the info you have shared. I’ve had internal hemorrhoids since my early 20’s. Did the rubber band ligation in my mid 20’s. Was a total failure and only made them worse. It’s slowly and steadily got worse over the years but I’ve been able to live with them. Not to say they haven’t negatively effected my life in a lot of ways. They have been stage 3 most of this time. I’m mid 40’s now. About a week ago I had a large external rhoid pop up. In the past the externals have subsided but this one is much larger and more painful limiting my ability to be active. I’ve had the surgery convo with doctors in the past but just couldn’t pull the trigger on it. I’m worried about not only the pain after but the potential complications/problems that could be caused by the procedure. Just trying to figure out the best solution. Both short term and long term.”

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They did recommend surgery but...
a specialist would have performed hundreds of such operations and should put your mind at ease. find one & i think you should absolutely go for it!

Cici Zhao

The disease is far worse than the cure. Many of us have had the surgery and the only regret i can recall from here is not doing it sooner @Kevin

Lizbeth 💡

banding is outdated imo - the least effective and most problematic intervention still in practice. @Kevin see a specialist and there are much better, effective options now. good luck



Thanks everyone for the replies. This helps. I’m living in a new state now so I am looking for a specialist to meet with and get the ball rolling.


Thanks everyone for the replie...
Best wishes @Kevin

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