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Is it normal to have worsening pain with BMs after the surgery? I had surgery on Friday, and my first few BMs were painful, but okay. Yesterday and today, each one is excruciating. Afterward I am left in intense pain, shaking and sweating in the bath for half an hour before I can move again. It seems to hurt worse each time. I’m taking colace and Miralax and they are soft, not sure why the pain is so extreme afterward.

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D J took a screenshot of this post


Brandon Wade




Any update? I’m 9 days post op. Yesterday my morning shit was easy and smooth, last night my evening shit was just as smooth but it felt like I was being split open. I have some yellow pus looking discharge today. It doesn’t have a bad smell to it. Idk if this is normal or not. I wish they would have prescribed antibiotics just as a preventative measure.


Any update? I’m 9 days post op...
Sounds par for the course, just need more time


Any update? I’m 9 days post op...
When’s your followup? What kind of op did you have? @turkrising

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