shared a chat session in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Had my surgery less than 24 hours ago and still waiting for a BM. I’m holding off on pain meds as much as I can to prevent blocking up. I feel more discomfort from not having a BM yet. Is this normal? Going bathroom is my top priority. I’ve taken the colace, metamucil, eating high fiber foods only and lots of water.

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Jerome Cody
Great advice from @Britney you should tr...
Sorry for seeing this late! Glad some of my old advice made it here w/ your help @Jerome Cody Another one - binging addictive ##📺 MOViE & TV SHOW♥️ is how I got through the first week 😉

Jerome Cody

@Bobby i gotta say a big ‘than...
Thanks for the kind words! So glad that we could support you through a difficult time - it makes a difference ❤️


I agree! I don’t deserve any personal credit but this community has helped me a ton too. 🥰 I’m just trying to pay it forward



Lizbeth 💡

😊 this thread is another useful counter-narrative reference vs the horror stories

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