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hi guys. this is a long one. but I'm 18 and scared as hell. Should I get surgery? Hi, I feel extremely isolated right now and would really appreciate any help from any experienced people. If you take the time out to read, thank you so so much. I'm 18 years old. I've a family history of hemorrhoids (mom/grandmom via pregnancy) and I also used to be constipated about monthly (although I hardly do now). Over the course of the past few years, I've developed an external and an internal (stage 2) hemorrhoid. The external hemorrhoid has definitely gotten bigger over the years. It hardly hurts. There's only sharp pains on the first day of my period when I go to poop and it doesn't last the entire day. It also doesn't bleed. I consulted 2 surgeons. One of them told me to get hemorrhoidectomy as it's not going to go away on its own. The other one told me there's no need to get one as there's no pain or bleeding. If I get pain, a sitz bath or pain meds will help. Now. The external hemorrhoid isn't going anywhere. The best case scenario is it stays the same size (which I don't see happening, because it has only gotten bigger). To ensure it doesn't get bigger, get painful or start bleeding, I will always have to be on high alert about my diet. Can't do squats and other excercises that put pressure on the pelvic region. Have sitz baths and stool softners handy. Etc. TMI, but I'm also at the age where I'll be having sexual encounters and this is not something I'll be comfortable having. All in all, this is just not something I want to deal with at this age. However, this IS a surgery. It IS a big deal. Not to mention I'm the type of person to be very anxious about a simple blood test, so surgeries aren't something I would be super pumped about. I've been reading people's experiences with it and there's a lot that can go wrong (permanent handicap in peeing) and even if nothing does, the recovery period is horrid (can't sit, continuous bleeding, pain, can't control stool etc). My parents are pushing for no surgery as there's no symptoms and there can be complications. But I truly believe this can hinder the quality of my life at this age. And there's no guarantee that it doesn't get worse. My parents agree w the doctor to hold off the surgery since it's not hindering my life because obviously, nobody wants their teen kid to be cut into w spinal anesthesia and have a painful recovery period. Should I ignore this is an issue till I absolutely need a surgery? I know for a fact that I want the protruding hemmorrhoid gone. It is just a question of when. Please let me know your opinion, advice, or anything at all. I don't really have anybody in my life I can talk about this with and it is really troubling me, I can hardly sleep lol. Thank you for reading all the way through

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I've an external, protruding h...
That will surely happen imo if you’re at this stage at 18 y/o. It makes a ton of sense to me be proactive here while there are more less intensive treatment options

Jerome Cody

that makes sense... I know I'l...
only if you decide to try and live with them and they keep getting worse....


Waiting till you absolutely need surgery doesn’t sound advisable. But rushing into isn’t either. Since it thankfully doesn’t sound like you’re considering either extreme, I’d lean towards a minimally invasive operation like laser, which should also address your family’s primary concern!


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@classicintention what do you decide? based on the trend and your family history, I think you should

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