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I'd like to hear about your long term results after a hemorrhoidectomy or any other hemorrhoid removal or treatment procedures. Are things 100% back to normal in comparison to before you had hemorrhoids, or not quite? Any changes in function or appearance? Pain? Leakage? Difficulty with hygiene? All I see is short term results. I get it. It's going to suck, but what should be expected once everything is healed? Thank you to all who contribute!

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Jerome Cody

Not 100% but like 90%. Still get occasional swelling but it’s barely anything and I don’t really think about them anymore @Crazed Orangutan

Cici Zhao

Back to normal! 🙏Thank goodness


i have a skin tag leftover but it doesnt bothe me

Lizbeth 💡

to my knowledge hemorrhoidectomy results last, whereas banding results are less long lasting

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