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Hi guys, I have a question about suppositories. I have been dealing with what I now know are internal hemorrhoids. Mostly the feeling of uncomfortable pressure and then some itching. I got an exam and the doc said I have a few small internal hemorrhoids and a skin tag. He prescribed me suppositories, hydrocortisone acetate ones 25mg. I’ve been using them the pst 3 days and while they have helped with the itching, I still get the uncomfortable pressure feeling.. perhaps even more so because there is suppository up there. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with prescription suppositories over other methods? I’ve tried baths, they don’t do much. My fiber intake is fine and I’m not constipated. I bought Calmol-4 suppositories and used 2 of them before my doctors appointment and they seemed to help, I like the ingredients. Now I’m considering stopping the prescription ones and returning to Calmol-4. I just don’t want to give up on the prescription ones too early if they actually will help. When is the appropriate time to stop taking them if I’m not noticing much of a difference. I figured I’d give it until at least day 5/6 before I gave up on them. Does anyone have any experience with prescription suppositories and how long they take to work?

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Jerome Cody

Suppositories provide some temporary relief for me but not much else (besides feeling or pressure and risky feeling farts) 😅


I think you should complete the prescribed course and then share the results with your doctor so it can be optimized further. Tell her/him about your anecdotally “better” one too

Cici Zhao

Suppositories never worked for me


i use Posuline Prescription suppositories and they are definitely superior to OTC ones

Lizbeth 💡

why not pursue a solution instead of just relief?

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