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I am having skin tags removed Friday (I don’t THINK any are active hemorrhoids). Is this any different/less painful than a full out hemorrhoidectomy? I am so scared! Was told to look here for advice but can’t seem to find any posts about it.

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I am into sitz path per every motion. Trying to keep the peri anal area dry and applying a cream that is supposed to fasten up Healing - Ano Metrogyl

Cici Zhao

I am experiencing exactly this...
Seems slower than hemorrhoidectomy?



Hemorrhoidectomy healing for me happened faster than skin tag wound healing

Lizbeth 💡

I had one removed with laser surgery. The pain for me never went above 5/10. BM's were not a problem as the 'wound' was external rather than internal. I was advised to take a stool softener 2 weeks before and after to make sure it was as easy as possible to pass. Surgery itself was not painful as you are numbed. Even the injections were not terrible. I would say the aftercare is the worst. I was told to ice for 48 hours to reduce swelling then warm sitz baths to promote healing. I found the sitz baths increased my swelling and 10 weeks post removal I've probably been left with 2 (much smaller than original) new skin tags due to this. I had 2 dissolvable stitches and didn't even notice when they disappeared. Gauze pads are helpful during healing and wash after every BM, no wiping.

Jerome Cody

Lizbeth 💡
I had one removed with laser s...
Thanks for sharing @Lizbeth 💡

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