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I told my mom I had a hemorrhoid which was embarrassing.I told my doctor and they had to look at my asshole which was very embarrassing. Then I had to tell them that since I was a kid I had a weak pelvic floor and problems with muscle control so I had to do manual evacuation to poop. Which is sticking your fingers up your asshole to get poop out. So trust me when I say having a bloody hemorrhoid is not as embarrassing as it could be. But, I've been to the doctor twice about my hemorrhoids, have been on online forums and watched YouTube videos and read articles and they all say a lot of the same things. The most consistent being the following: -FIBER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Dairy grease, bread besides whole wheat, sugar, meat, it can inflame you hemorrhoids making them worse and it also makes it harder to make bowel movements. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins under your skin and they are caused by added pressure whether that pressure be from being pregnant, straining when you poop, or being constipated so it's weighing down on you. Fiber helps your poop go through and it doesn't inflame your hemorrhoids. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, rice, these are your friends. -WATER!!!! ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! It will soften your poop and make it easier to go through and also digest your food. -Try your hardest not to strain when you poop. And when you feel a bowel movement coming, don't stall! Poop gets harder and drier the longer you wait. And as soon as you do poop, try to take a sitz bath immediately. -Pelvic floor exercises and kegels can help ease tension and promote healthy blood flow to the hemorrhoids. Avoid strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, or sitting as much as possible because these can make them worse. Make sure you are moving and doing a good walk or something during the day. Exercise can help, just be careful and look online and ask a doctor which ones are helpful because a lot are not helpful for hemorrhoids. -While baby wipes for wiping and witch hazel help, my go to for calming down the swelling the easing SO MUCH PAIN is a sitz bath (warm bath water for 15 minutes laying on my back) and ice packs. I use a gel ice pack so I can mold it to the inside of my ass while lying down. Don't put it directly on the hemorrhoid though, use your underwear or a thin cloth as a barrier. -The doctor can prescribe you cortisone cream which is said to ease the pain and get rid of swelling. It doesn't work great for me but EVERYONE'S bodies are different so I say go for it. Just be careful not to use it more than two weeks because online it says it can soften the anus tissue or something like that but idk ask a doctor maybe. -Laxatives have helped me a BUNCH with not straining and being constipated. My doctor and other online articles and me personally suggest Miralax. My doctor also says Colace is good. I've used other laxatives but none really do the job quite like Miralax. -Make sure you are wearing clean underwear, try to clean your asshole with water everytime you poop, and washing your hands before touching back there. They did a study on people with hemorrhoids and they found that people who cleaned back there more had more healing than those who didn't. -I lied. The first two weren't the most important, this one is. Remember that even though this FUCKING sucks and it's a painful, weird thing on your behind, that YOU are beautiful and you are strong and you're not gonna let a painful bump push you around. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I don't know how your medical history plays into this because I can only speak for myself and what I've been through. I hope you see a doctor. You really should because bleeding from it is serious. I'm not gonna scare you with reasons it could be bleeding but I really strongly suggest you get it checked out before it gets chronic and way more difficult to treat. Btw most people at one point in their life will have a hemorrhoid. It's nothing to be ashamed of and don't let your imagination run wild with the horrors of it. Go to a doctor and get it checked

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Thanks for sharing your story. Everyone of us have had some bad situations. Hope everyone finds out the best way to deal with the problems along the way. Stay safe ppl



This is great; hope to come back and share my own recovery story here some day. Takes forever to get an spot with a specialist :/



*an appt


This is great; hope to come ba...
Please do! 👏👏👍👍



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