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Hi, completely new to this app and I'm glad there's a community for it. A stranger on reddit showed me this app and I'm glad this community seems active. Recently I developed a really bad thrombosed external hemorrhoid that it wouldn't stop bleeding (pretty much the entire day) and I had to go to the ER. The ER doctor basically excised part of the thrombosed hemorrhoid, drained the blood clots and sealed the wound. After that the bleeding stopped. The hemorrhoid is still there (I can feel the lump), it's super painful for the first few days and I am getting a lot of nasty discharge, but the pain is getting better I think? I started looking online and realized that this procedure is called thrombectomy and is used to treat external hemorrhoid. At this point I am hoping to find out what happens next. 1. Yes the blood clots are taken away and I am no longer bleeding, but the rhoid is still there and painful (I am 5 days post ER visit). Would it ever go away? 2. If it doesn't go away on its own, does that mean I need a traditional Hemorrhoidectomy? I have read enough horror story and I am really hoping this isn't the case. 3. Will the nasty discharge stop at some point? 4. Anyone here in the U.S tried one of the newer not-so-invasive procedures such as laser?

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Jerome Cody

1. Give it some more time. Should improve. If there’s still pain in 2 weeks, definitely follow-up with a colorectal surgeon 2 & 4. Not a bad idea to get professional consultation on this regardless. I think esp since you had an invasive operation, any remainder should be treatable by a lesser one. 3. See 1. Good luck!! @Shen

Lizbeth 💡

how's it going @Shen ? for 1,3,4 yes!


I only have experience with 3 and it stopped 🙏

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