Maria Yañez Mondragón

shared a chat session in group #Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

Hemorrhoids Anyone gotten hemorrhoids post partum im almost 3 months and have external ones not big but small I feel a pinching a needle poking sensation anyone in similar shoes ? what made it go away ?

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Maria Yañez Mondragón

I applied witch hazel suppositories and the feeling of a needle poking me went away does that mean the ones causing this was the internal or external hems ?


If suppositories helped, I think that means internal @Maria Yañez Mondragón

Maria Yañez Mondragón

Yeah think so too I thought internal ones didn’t cause itching/or poking sensation besides bleeding


@Arthur had a great recommendation of frozen aloe suppositories that helpe me a lot. you should try! @Maria Yañez Mondragón

Maria Yañez Mondragón

Ok thanks

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