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Does anyone have suggestions for how to find a good surgeon? It's been an absolute struggle to find a decent one in the Seattle area. I have a huge spreadsheet of docs and clinics I've called and most of them haven't even heard of the minimally invasive surgical techniques like THD, sutured mucopexy, etc. and only do banding, stapling, or excision. I went to a surgical consult a couple years ago and it was honestly traumatic with how rough and incurious the surgeon was, and how he didn't know or care about less painful techniques. How does anyone find a doc they can trust?

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I don’t know about Seattle but you can ask people in your spreadsheet for referrals or search your local area for proctologists and colorectal surgeons


Check the comments here - ... Medical tourism is an option to get the best non invasive treatments and might even be cheaper
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Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

I had grade 3-4 haemorrhoids for years and I was trying different medicines and stuff to get rid of them or to get a relief because I was afraid of th...

Cici Zhao

Laser shouldnt be hard to find. Would that be an option?

Lizbeth 💡

are you willing to fly to another state? @evie if yes, I can refer one to you


I started from method, then looked up providers

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