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Welcome to Rhoid Rage! A safe & understanding home for everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask!). Hemorrhoids are common, but discussing them isn't. Experts agree that perhaps the biggest threats to people suffering from piles are embarrassment and silence. Think of how much research, trials & error's we've done alone that could help another! Believe it or not, hemorrhoids are the number one trending health issues on Google, per Zeitgeist. Since it is so highly searched, I'm guessing that folks have many unanswered questions about hemorrhoids. So let's try to answer them here!

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Jerome Cody
Banding is effective for caute...
Have you done it?

Jerome Cody

Have you done it?
I did over ten years ago, and when that didn’t work out I took the nuclear option


Jerome Cody
I did over ten years ago, and ...
☢️ 😅



i recently got a tombstone external haemorrhoid. i didn’t think that would happen to me because i’m a 23 year old vegan athlete and most of my diet consists of fibres. i haven’t seen a doctor yet as it’s only been a week but i want to see one as soon as my mums back from her trip to overseas. (i’m shy don’t judge i don’t wanna be alone😅) i feel extremely down, any home remedies would highly be appreciated. don’t know much about what sort of surgeries/operations i’d need :(

Cici Zhao

i recently got a tombstone ext...
Read the comments on tbis post @sud ...
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Rhoid Rage (& recovery)

What has been the most effective product type you’ve used? 1. Cream 2.Suppository 3.Wipes 4. Other

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