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I had grade 3-4 haemorrhoids for years and I was trying different medicines and stuff to get rid of them or to get a relief because I was afraid of the surgery, but the day before yesterday I went to a well known doctor some 200 kms away here from my place in India and he did some Hypersonic focus surgery which barely took 10 minutes and got all my haemorrhoids out. Other than a bit of pain, I do not have any other symptoms, I think I’ll be able to do regular activities in a week. Just wanted to share that and let anyone who’s not sure about surgery to don’t think too much and just get it. Try to find someone who has done lots of haemorrhoids operations and you won’t go wrong. Hope this helps someone.

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Sam Mendoza

Agree 100%
I agree too because life in your years is priceless, but just for the sake of argument someone may reasonably delay if they know a new far superior option will become available soon.



hey, where is this doctor? also, do you know if this procedure works on external hems?


hey, where is this doctor? als...
I think @Rajsh said it’s in India in an earlier comment. For $650 total, it’s very attractive!

Mayank Talwar downloaded images


Has anyone had THD? Seems like they only offer that or banding and I already had banding and had a horrible experience. There is a doctor I found who does laser hemorrhoidoplasty but that will cost $3500

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