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Simple trick to improved hemorrhoid problem Disclaimer: I had a mild hemorrhoid problem to begin with, so I do not suggest it works for everyone. This trick worked within the first week, so I suggest to just try it for a week, see if it releaves some pain. I really hopes it helps you. Hemorrhoids are a pain in the ass !(pun intended) The key point is that the previous chair was putting me in a position, all day, where my but was being stretched(because I was in a position like in image 1). VS the simple straight chair where the butt is homogeneously pressed on. This removed the itching and bleeding I was experiencing. I have waited 2 weeks to post this in order to be sure that this is reliable data. Again disclaimer: I have a mild form of hemorrhoids, but this previous chair really made it worse. I wish you the best if you have a serious type of hemorrhoids. Good day.
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