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Chronic slippery/moist feeling before and after surgery. My issue is probably somewhat unique but I wonder if anyone can relate or has insight. Thanks in advance if you get thru it all. Background: I had surgery almost 4 weeks ago. 2 externals scalped and one grade 3 internal hemorrhoid injected using sclerotherapy. My CRS did leave a thin internal hemorrhoid untreated. Not sure why. Since the 2nd week of surgery, the leftover internal hemorrhoid now prolapses a little bit after almost every BM. In most cases, it goes back up by itself. It’s probably between grade 2 and 3. My CRS says it’s swollen from surgery and will take at least a month to go away. Problem: The chronic issue I’ve had since last November (from too much straining and constipation) and now after surgery is that I seem to be feeling what can best be described as slippery moisture above my anus that doesn’t let up. Maybe in my lower rectum or upper anus? It’s most noticeable when I’m walking. If I get up from sitting, I don’t notice it until 10-15 seconds. Probably gravity doing it’s thing. I think it’s trapped mucus/stool, not perspiration. Again, I had this symptom before surgery. I hazard to guess it’s debris (leftover mucus and soft stool) blocked from the left over internal hemorrhoid, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t matter if I dab or wipe my anus dry, I still feel that sensation when I move. It’s difficult for me to describe but it’s agonizing. It’s a phantom feeling like I lightly soiled myself. If I force a bowel movement in this situation, some mucus actually comes out. Sometimes loose stool mixed with mucus. This doesn’t resolve the problem, but sometimes it lessens it for a short term. Since I’m still going through some light post surgical drainage, that compounds the problem. But I have this feeling it’s not going away after drainage subsides. Is this likely IBS (I have been under stress)? Is it the leftover untreated internal hemorrhoid causing mucus discharge? Or blockage from the hemorrhoid? Is it just drainage but I can’t tell the difference? Is it psychogenic? I sometimes wonder if its a partial descending rectal prolapse or rectal damage, but my doctor didn’t see anything consistent with that when I had my colonoscopy. Why is this happening? Has anyone had a similar experience? Anyone have any clues what’s going on? My doctor is at a loss but thinks it the drainage. Thanks for reading thru my rambling.

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mucus from the untreated flared-up internal hemorrhoid would be my guess

Jerome Cody

@TokyoPiles If your internal haemorrhoid becomes inflamed, it can leak mucus. This is what causes the feeling of dampness and can cause staining to your underwear. The haemorrhoid discharge itself can cause inflammation around the skin of the anus, resulting in a burning sensation that becomes itchy.



It’s been a month and half from my surgery and I still feel bit of wetty feeling and soreness. Give it time. If you don’t have pain that’s only increasing or bleeding or burning sensation that’s on higher side; then it’s basically leftover hems to shrink and trauma of surgery to subside



Keep BMs soft - fibrous diet, don’t stress during BMs, it’s a bit of psychogenic also. Try not to think about it much. That’s what I say to myself.


It’s been a month and half fro...
agree, i wouldn't worry unless its trending in the wrong direction

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