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Anal skin tag removal after hemorrhoid [story] Wanted to share my story if anyone else was thinking about removing their anal skin tag. I didn’t have much information going into the procedure, so I grossly underestimated what the healing process would be like. I got mine removed for aesthetic purposes as I was self conscious about it. Hoping this can help anyone who’s thinking of doing the same thing! Things to consider about my particular experience: • Previously had a hemorrhoid that went away, but left behind skin tag • Only one small skin tag that didn’t require stitches • Didn’t cause me any pain, just general discomfort visually and sometimes could feel it was there The Procedure: Very short 15 minute procedure done at my surgeon’s office. He cleaned the area, injected with lidocaine, and snipped it off. He placed gauze in the area (your cheeks should keep it in place) and prescribed me hydrocodone if the pain was unbearable, but suggested I take ibuprofen when I get home. He anticipated 2 weeks to heal and go back to normalcy. Healing (1-2 weeks): I had a 20 minute drive home from the doctors office and the pain got increasingly worse until I made it home. Immediately took Ibuprofen when I got home. The first 5 days was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. It was almost like you had the spiciest food and a burning poop following it, but it was a constant feeling 24/7. I did sitz baths 3 times a day to relieve the pain and used my bidet on the lowest setting to keep the area clean after using the restroom. I had to change out my gauze every couple hours because of the blood drainage. I also took a fiber supplement everyday to ensure that the stool was soft to prevent further pain/stretching to the area. I tried to stand or lay down most of the time to avoid putting pressure on the area as that hurt as well. It looked/felt as if a large grape had been added to my anus because of how swollen it was. I didn’t go into the office for work for a week and was advised not to lift heavy objects or do strenuous exercise. Healing (3-4 weeks): As time went on, the swelling finally started to go down. The amount of blood drainage was decreasing, but the gauze was sticking to my healing wound. I switched to pads to catch the residual blood and give the wound fresh air. I sat on a little donut pillow to avoid pressure in the area. I continued to do sitz baths 3 times a day for hygiene. I didn’t use the hydrocodone, but was still taking ibuprofen for mild discomfort and pain. As of today I’m 5 weeks post-op and would say I’m 98% back to normal. It visually looks a lot better there’s just a small amount of swelling and soreness in the area of the cut. My self confidence has definitely gone up and I’m satisfied with the result it was just a long time coming.

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I’m trying to make the decision on weather I should get this done. My doctor says he’ll do it if I want but thinks that I should just live with it. I’m very self conscience about it. In the end would you say it was worth it for you?

Sam Mendoza

Hey! Grateful to know where you got this done and how much it was? Think the procedure generally quite expensive!

Cici Zhao

I’m trying to make the decisio...
My surgeon and PCP said the same thing! They said that it wasn’t necessary for me to remove it if it wasn’t physically hurting me. But for me personally, I felt like decreasing how self conscious about I was about it was worth the 5+ weeks of pain/recovery I had to deal with. I would just say make sure you’re doing it for yourself and nobody else. Because my partner said he didn’t care, but it was a personal choice for me and I’m very happy I did it. I hope you make whatever decision is best for you!

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